Industry Expertise

Our precision pails are purpose-built to meet a wide range of unique industry requirements. Working closely with our clients, we design and create solutions noted for their performance, durability, and affordability. Discover some of our industry-specific offerings.


Paints + Coatings

With 80+ years as a leading supplier to the paint and coating industry, we understand its unique packaging needs. Our product line includes:

  • Open-head pails with tear-tab covers
  • Self-manufactured tint plugs and screw caps
  • Hybrid quart and gallon paint cans with self-manufactured tin rings and plugs

We’ve long been committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes. In fact, we lead the way in combining sustainability with durability. With deep knowledge of injection molding, we achieve superior precision performance for Environmental Stress-Cracking Resistance (ESCR) characteristics, helping us deliver unmatched structural integrity (we maintain strict adherence to ASTM D1975 Open Head Pail ESCR test protocols). Our raw material purchasing and injection-molding process meet the demands of paint and coating/building material heavy-pack characteristics to withstand the rigors of high-speed automated lines. And our superior pail decoration capabilities allow delivery of multiple SKUs exactly where and when you need them.


Food Products

Our wide range of injection-molded pails and lids provides the ultimate durability and performance across a spectrum of food-grade packaging applications. Whatever your size, shape, and storage needs, we’ll work closely with you to identify your specific performance and handling requirements, then deliver a container tailored to exceed your expectations.

Our manufacturing facilities are configured to meet our customers’ highest standards, as established by leading food-safety organizations, featuring a positive air flow of +0.5 psi and advanced measures to control the production environment. In addition, we maintain strict adherence to Food Safety and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP); employ stringent pest-control management practices; and fully comply with the US FDA’s Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) process, from order point to delivery.

The result is a level of assurance and quality you simply won’t find with any other manufacturer



We have decades of experience in the lubricants field, with a complete offering of rugged, reliable packaging options for all types of products and applications.

Thanks to our full range of pour spouts and venting options, superior hot-fill performance, and unmatched sealing capabilities, we’re the supplier of choice for a wide variety of lubricants manufacturers, including:

  • Automotive
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Industrial
  • Greases
  • Food-Grade
  • Mil-Spec
  • Gear Oil
  • Cutting Fluid Pack

We also offer in-house decorating and custom color capabilities, cost-effective light-pack designs, and gasketless covers for special applications.


Chemicals + Cleansers

We’re an industry-leading designer and supplier of UN-rated rigid plastic shipping containers for the cleanser and chemicals industries—creating purpose-built solutions that help ensure safe transport, storage, and use for both liquids and solids.

Our many years of innovation allow us to offer:

  • A full selection of sizes and configurations—including a complete range of 20-liter pails for foaming cleansers
  • Multiple vented spouts and fittings
  • Our own line of vented and non-vented screw caps

In addition, we also offer superior decoration capabilities and plastic handles.

We achieve ongoing UN certification through a full in-house certification capability at all our facilities, constantly improving our practices and processes to stay on the leading edge of safety and sustainability.